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BIMBY - giving local people a voice - Prince's Trust Australia
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BIMBY – giving local people a voice

In late October, P.C.A worked with The Prince’s Foundation for Building Community and the New South Wales Department on Planning and Environment to workshop the ‘BIMBY’ community consultation toolkit at a symposium in Sydney.

BIMBY, short for Beauty-In-My-BackYard, is a tool designed by The Prince’s Foundation to assist local communities in developing their local areas in a more collaborative and proactive manner.

The symposium, opened by Minister Stokes, NSW Minister for Planning, and delivered by Kim Hitch, Director of Projects of The Prince’s Foundation, kicked off a week of activity dedicated to showcasing the BIMBY initiative.

“I am delighted to introduce the BIMBY toolkit to the Sydney community,” said Mr Hitch.

“Town planning and development are necessary for communities to grow cohesively but locals can often feel left out in the process.”

“Participation, rather than consultation, is key to successful community development,” said Mr Hitch.

“BIMBY is a consultation tool for local people to get involved in the planning process early, champion their own ideas and remain positively engaged throughout the development.”

Local government leaders and members of the community also had the opportunity to see BIMBY in-practice through a hypothetical workshop looking at the areas of Beecroft, Cheltenham and Pennant Hills located north-west of the Sydney CBD.

P.C.A would like to take this opportunity to thank The Prince’s Foundation, the NSW Department of Planning and Environment, our speakers and attendees for starting the conversation on BIMBY. We look forward to sharing further updates.