Our Care Packages

Find out about the veteran behind the product in our 2022 care packages!

Care packages hold a special place in the lives of deployed troops, and for family members.

Historically, care packages were sent from family members to their loved ones abroad, and contained anything from milk powder to coffee, soap, medicine, and fabric.

And, anecdotally, Anzac biscuits handmade with love.

This year, Prince's Trust Australia have created care packages featuring a wonderful selection of products by Australian veteran and ADF partner businesses, all alumni of our business Enterprise programme.

These care packages will be gifted and shared across Australia and globally.

Thank you for your service.

Find out about the people behind the product!

Custom made keyring made by Enterprise alumni Zach Briggs and the team at Relic Design & Craft Co.  The business is a dream project based in Brisbane, Australia.

A RAAF veteran, Zach Briggs has found a unique way to preserve history by repurposing abandoned military and civilian aircraft into custom designed furniture and art.

“I felt it was a tragedy watching these old aeroplanes go to the scrap yard. I had an opportunity here to not only do something I love, but to do something that is sustainable, and preserving history in sort of a unique way”.

Zach is determined to grow his business that continues to promote sustainability values, by ensuring all materials are sourced from unserviceable parts and aircraft.  Each finished design and piece come with its own recorded history of the aircraft, including type, part of the aeroplane, and aircraft’s service history.

“I think creativity is driven by emotions. There’s definitely an emotional connection with everything that I work on, my background in aviation, my passion for art and design, everything I see and experience, all gets reflected in everything that I create”.


Soap made by Dave and his wife Shiree of Hop and Clover Brewing, in collaboration with local Weemalah Farm Naturals.  

Dave and Shiree are gypsy brewers.  Their most recent endeavor is to turn their spent grain from beer making to soap!

In 2016, Dave bought a brewery in Orange off Gumtree Australia (without his wife knowing) to make homebrew in a shed in the backyard of their home in Sydney, NSW. They embarked on making Aussie beer with a touch of Irish Charm – just approachable & friendly, like those hailing from the Emerald Isle.

In their previous lives, Dave spent 22 years sailing the seven seas with the British Royal Navy and Royal Australian Navy as Petty Officer in Marine Engineer.

Shiree has spent the last 20 years in events, operations and marketing in fine dining hospitality and wine.

Dave hails from Derry, Northern Ireland and Shiree is from Mudgee, NSW. After living in Darwin, NT they now call Mudgee home.

Hop and Clover Brewing Co are proud Gypsy Brewers making beers that are no fuss, no fancy names – just good beer


Fresh coffee by Elaine Gallagher who runs Wellness Ignitor, a coffee business that sells product online and through her coffee van.

Elaine started her own business ‘Wellness Ignitor’ which is all about coffee and social connection. The name was derived from Elaine’s own experiences in the military that have significance to her identity as a veteran.

Elaine said that she is passionate about “bringing communities together and finds it inspiring how a humble cup of coffee can powerfully connect people”.

The coffee that Elaine blends and its packaging represent strength, fighting an inner battle, overcoming adversity, and renewal.  A snake represents the shedding of the skin, moving on, and renewing oneself. Finished off and packaged in white to signify moving forward accompanied by Mandela’s to signify peace and a breath of fresh air.

Wellness Ignitor

Sample organic skincare products from Indira Organics!

In 2016, Wing Commander Cherie-Ann Borghouts left a fulltime career in the Royal Australian Air Force to grow an ethical organic skincare business after her son was diagnosed anaphylactic to peanuts.

Her son’s diagnosis prompted Cherie-Ann to research linkages between chemicals and allergies, and as a result, inspired her business Indira Organics.

“At the time I was trying to bring chemical-free products into our home, there were very few natural and organic skincare alternatives on the market. Indira Organics is all about bringing about real skincare results but doing it ethically and doing it in a way that really is sustainable”.


Limited print artwork The Catch Up by Warrick Eady

Australian Army Veteran Warrick Eady is an emerging photographer, with nine years’ service and multiple deployments to Afghanistan.  He has found photography to be a powerful tool for coping with the loss of a close work mate in Afghanistan (2012) and adjusting to life after a career in Defence.  

Warrick has established the“100 Years On” series, exploring the idea of mateship - the idea of a bond that could be shared across generations.  


Beeswax lip balm by Honey & Glow

Navy veterans Erin and Marty have turned a love of honey into their business Honey and Glow, creating sustainable, toxic-free, handmade Australian beeswax products from their home on the outskirts of Canberra.

"We make beautiful, health full products you will love – all with beeswax and honey straight from the hive."

Every one of our products is crafted by them, with the intention of showcasing the natural beauty and goodness of Australian beeswax and raw honey.

They are simple products, with the least number of ingredients possible.