Prince's Trust Gala Care Package

For the Prince's Trust Group 2023 Gala, The Trust curated a 'care package' of veteran and family business products.

Care packages hold a special place in the lives of deployed troops, and for family members.

Historically, care packages were sent from family members to their loved ones abroad, and contained anything from milk powder to coffee, soap, medicine, and fabric.

And, anecdotally, Anzac biscuits handmade with love.

For the Prince's Trust Group Gala 2023 this April, Prince's Trust Australia has curated a 'care package' basket featuring products by Australian veteran and ADF partner businesses, all alumni of our Enterprise programme.

Find out about the people behind the product!

Custom made bottle opener by Enterprise alumni Zach Briggs and the team at Relic Design & Craft Co.  The business is a dream project based in Brisbane, Australia.

Custom made bottle opener by Relic Design & Craft Co.

A RAAF veteran, Zach Briggs has found a unique way to preserve history by repurposing abandoned military and civilian aircraft into custom designed furniture and art.

“I felt it was a tragedy watching these old aeroplanes go to the scrap yard. I had an opportunity here to not only do something I love, but to do something that is sustainable, and preserving history in sort of a unique way”.

Zach is determined to grow his business that continues to promote sustainability values, by ensuring all materials are sourced from unserviceable parts and aircraft.  Each finished design and piece come with its own recorded history of the aircraft, including type, part of the aeroplane, and aircraft’s service history.

“I think creativity is driven by emotions. There’s definitely an emotional connection with everything that I work on, my background in aviation, my passion for art and design, everything I see and experience, all gets reflected in everything that I create”.

Listen to Zach's story below.

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Organic eye, lip and exfoliating cream handcrafted by Cherie-Ann Borghouts, Founder of artisanal skincare brand Indira Organics.

Organic eye, lip and exfoliating cream by Indira Organics.

In 2016, Wing Commander Cherie-Ann Borghouts left a full time career in the Royal Australian Air Force to grow an ethical organic skincare business after her son was diagnosed anaphylactic to peanuts.

Her son’s diagnosis prompted Cherie-Ann to research linkages between chemicals and allergies, and as a result, inspired her business Indira Organics.

“At the time I was trying to bring chemical-free products into our home, there were very few natural and organic skincare alternatives on the market. Indira Organics is all about bringing about real skincare results but doing it ethically and doing it in a way that really is sustainable”.

Listen to Cherie-Ann's story below.

Check out Cherie-Ann's business:

Embroidered Philanthropic Bird Man tote bag by Navy veteran and mum of two Sacha de Wit.

Embroidered tote bag by Swaggy Threads Star.

In the Sunshine Coast village of Pomona, Navy veteran Sacha de Wit is growing a small business that combines her passion for technology and her flair for creativity.

Swaggy Threads Star is a bespoke machine embroidery business that recreates images and logos on fabric.  

Sacha began the business two years ago after popping into her mum’s house just to have a play with a new embroidery machine.  

I've always created. It's something that's always been there but when you're at school you're directed to avenues which are less creative and more career focused.

Up to that point, the 45-year-old had never considered doing something creative as a career. The Sunshine Coast local was accepted into the Australian Defence Force Academy straight out of high school and studied IT before embarking on a career in the Royal Australian Navy.  

She left full time service in 2002 and last served as a reservist in 2010 at the rank of lieutenant.  Now, as a mum of a 17-year-old and a four-year-old, Sacha is building a business that works around her family.  

Whatever the service or product is, it's about what you can do with it for other people. That's the driver coming from that [Australian Defence Force] service environment.

Check out Sacha's business:

Handcrafted knitted queen bed throw from In The Knit of Time Founder, RAAF veteran and Australian Defence Force spouse Michelle Wood.

Handcrafted knitted queen bed throw from In The Knit of Time.

Michelle trained as a Weapons Instructor and Range Safety Supervisor and served with 77 Squadron at RAAF Base Williamtown (Newcastle).

While building a Bed and Breakfast property in South Australia, Michelle started a second business knitting high-quality, luxurious bed throws. She couldn't find anything that met her needs, so used a skill she developed as a teenager to start a small business.

I figured that if I had had difficulty sourcing good quality products, then maybe others would also have the same problem.

Clients can design their own throw to match their own design aesthetic.  

Michelle joined a Prince's Trust programme while posted with her serving husband in Brisbane. She subsequently moved to Adelaide, coincidentally living in Prince's Terrace Adelaide, a development project delivered in partnership with Defence Housing Australia, Renewal SA, and Prince's Trust Australia.

Joining a Prince's Trust programme was one of the best things I've done in ages, and I would even venture to say that this is the best learning programme I have ever attended because of the immediacy of its practical application.

Check out Michelle's business:

Handmade body balm and Australian pink clay soap by Navy veterans Erin and Marty

Handmade body balm and Australian pink clay soap by Honey & Glow.

Former Maritime Warfare Officer Erin and her husband Marty have turned a love of honey into their business Honey and Glow, creating sustainable, toxic-free, handmade Australian beeswax products from their home on the outskirts of Canberra.

"We make beautiful, health full products you will love – all with beeswax and honey straight from the hive."

Every one of our products is crafted by them, with the intention of showcasing the natural beauty and goodness of Australian beeswax and raw honey.

They are simple products, with the least number of ingredients possible.

Erin joined a Prince's Trust programme in 2017 to help her grow her new business.

It helped me become more efficient. It also taught me a lot of things that I didn’t know I didn’t realise about business. This course gives you the underpinning knowledge you need and the confidence to take the leap into your own business.

Check out Erin & Marty's business:

Luxury linen sleepwear from Sarah Hadgkiss, Founder of Aruke and Australian Defence Force spouse.

Luxury linen sleepwear from Aruke.

From her home in regional Queensland, Sarah connects women to luxurious, Australian made sleepwear through her small business Aruke.

A mother of three, including 2-year-old twins, and an Australian Defence Force Army spouse, Sarah ran multiple e-commerce businesses before launching Aruke in August 2019.

Aruke is a combination of Sarah’s children’s names and connects to her husband’s heritage in South Sudan.

Navigating early motherhood and life in the Australian Defence Force has helped Sarah empathise with her customers. Her focus on luxurious, quality sleepwear appeals to women looking for timeless designs and comfort amidst the challenges of everyday life.  

Being in defence, nobody else gets it. They don’t understand the struggles that you face, how stressful it might be, the isolation, the loneliness, and then to put business on top of that, it’s a hard thing to do.

Sarah focuses on Australian and female-founded labels like Ginia, Papinelle, and Gingerlily. Purpose-driven, Sarah also donates a portion of her sales on Aruke to charity through i=Change.

Check out her business:

Custom kookaburra self-affirmation mirror from the Founder of Now Now Foundry, and Australian Defence Force Spouse Loren Kalis.

Custom kookaburra self-affirmation mirror from Now Now Foundry.

A collaboration with fellow veteran community business Swaggy Threads Star, Now Now Foundry's self-affirmation mirrors are inspired by nature's own shapes and patterns.

South African born Loren loves the adventure of moving around Australia with her Army musician husband and young child but finds it hard to maintain employment when moving every year.

I couldn't keep moving from place to place, having to look for a job every time that we moved, having to leave a job every time that we moved.
I knew that I needed to do something for myself that I could pick up and go to wherever we moved to.

The digital signage creator launched her business Now Now Foundry in April 2021, creating customised gifts from her then home in Townsville.

It's always been a dream of mine to have a business, to make my own hours and plan my own day.

Check out Loren's story alongside ADF spouses Courtney Snowden (freelance copywriter) and Bianca Newey (freelance graphic designer).

Check out Loren's business:

Australian botanical contemporary art prints by ADF partner, artist, and teacher Joanna Thomas

M. Gum Leaves Print by Joanna Thomas Art

Joanna captures beautiful botanicals in graphite. Based on the coast of New South Wales, she has a background in Visual Art, Science and Horticulture.

I have always loved drawing since I was a child, so being able to combine my love of drawing and plants makes perfect sense.
There is such beauty in nature, that sometimes it is nice to stop and observe the structure and details of different plants and their flowers.

Check out Joanna's business: