Angelique Wan

Angelique’s professional background is in accounting and finance and she started her career in banking at Macquarie Group in 2018. 

She has always felt a personal passion for empowering young people with knowledge on their rights, particularly as it relates to their sexual experiences. Recognising the deficiency in consent education and that young people deserved proactive education, she co-founded Consent Labs in 2016 when she was 19. Consent Labs is a youth-led not-for profit that empowers young people across Australia with evidence-based, engaging and intersectional consent education delivered in high schools and tertiary institutions. 

Angelique grew Consent Labs as she worked full-time, but as consent became a national conversation and the need for consent education could no longer be ignored, she took a leap of faith. Now on a 12-month sabbatical, Angelique is Consent Labs’ full-time CEO. 

Angelique has been recognised as a Finalist for the 2022 NSW Young Woman of the Year, 2021 Women of the Future and listed by Instagram as a Top 25female entrepreneur.

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