Charby Ibrahim

CharbyIbrahim is passionate about social impact documentaries witha creative twist. Hecomes to the film industry with a background in youth advocacy and empowerment,community radio, and over 15 years in the alternative education system - mostrecently having taught at Parkville College; a state highschool behind thewalls of Victoria's juvenile detention centre. Charby's unconventional careerpath led him to a Masters degree in Documentary Filmmaking at the VCA in2016, where he began bringing issues that he cares so deeply about to broadmainstream audiences.

Soon after graduation, 'Marhaba Films' was born; a documentaryproduction company primarily concerned with social impactcreative filmmaking, whereCharby and his team cover issues such as juvenile justice,inequality, substance abuseand addiction, theexperiences of young people on the fringes, racism and xenophobia, and refugee andasylum seeker matters, to name a few. Marhaba Films is proudly run byculturally diverse people of colour behind the camera, who create stories with and aboutpeople who've historically been overlooked, in front of it. 

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