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Margot McKinney - Prince's Trust Australia
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Portrait of Margot McKinney

Margot McKinney is an award winning Australian jewellery designer. Starting her career at an early age in the now 132-year-old McKinney family business Margot’s life passion is for creating important one of a kind pieces of jewellery from the finest and rarest gems in the world.


Margot’s jewellery has been described as “sumptuous confections, in which gems seem to pile together as if inexorably drawn to each other, in which bold scale surprisingly does not equate heaviness but rather conveys generosity, and in which preciousness is treated with the same light-heartedness as a freshly picked bunch of flowers, Margot may just have cracked the code on how to make hyped-up glamour effortless”.


Margot’s sense of family and tradition is very important to her and in the family business she has fulfilled many roles over her almost 40-year career. Becoming Managing Director in her 30’s of Australia’s oldest jewellery company with 7 stores and a Royal Warrant as Silversmiths to H.M. Queen Elizabeth II was both an honour and one of her life’s most rewarding experiences.


Margot also counts as highlights being awarded the prix de Marie Claire as best Fine Jewellery Designer and the International Opal Jewellery Design Award.
Margot’s pieces constantly attract the attention of fashion magazines and social media sites due to their uniqueness. The iconic retailer, Neiman Marcus, in the USA showcases her jewellery and Margot’s designs are sort after globally by discerning jewellery collectors.