Sustainable Communities

The way we build our towns and cities affects everyone and has a profound impact on the way we live our lives. Designed well, they can positively affect our lives and the well-being of all people and communities. In Australia, the impact of an increasing population and climate change raise challenges for everyone’s future, and means that getting our communities right is a responsibility we must all share.

The Prince’s Trust Australia is committed to helping people and communities create better places to live by showcasing new exemplar developments and championing sustainable urbanism through education and training programs. Prince’s Trust Australia aims to inspire developers, builders, governments and design professionals to be a leaders in sustainable place making and community building.


The Princes Trust Australia are currently partnering with a major Australian University to create a new educational program that will focus on traditional design techniques and trades.

This exciting new program will be the first of its kind in Australia, and will introduce students to traditional skills and trades from Australia's rich building heritage, encompassing indigenous, regional and European influences.

Stay tuned for more details as we plan this exciting new pilot program.

Students learning traditional drawing techniques at the Princes Foundation Summer School

Students learning perspectival drawing at the Princes Foundation Summer School

The Prince's Quarter Glebe

The Prince’s Trust Australia is currently working with the NSW State Government on a new sustainable housing development in the inner Sydney suburb of Glebe.

This exciting new development will transform a 1,800 square metre site into a showcase sustainable housing project, that responds to the local character of Glebe and shows how new housing can be sensitively built in an established inner-city neighbourhood. This project will be sustainable, respect local character and create a mixed-income community which includes social and affordable housing.

Plans for the project include opportunities for increasing green space amenity with rooftop kitchen gardens and contextual landscaping, as well as seeking to create career pathways and opportunities for young people during construction.

The Prince’s Trust Australia and the NSW government have engaged in stakeholder and community consultations ahead of submitting a planning proposal to the the City of Sydney. Community consultation, including a public exhibition phase, will now continue throughout the assessment and design processes before a Development Application is expected to be lodged in late 2020, with construction expected to commence in 2021.

g render

Artists Impression; Glebe Mid-Rise Development

Prince’s Terrace Adelaide

The Prince’s Terrace Adelaide was a development project delivered in partnership with Defence Housing Australia, Renewal SA and Prince’s Trust Australia. Located in the suburb of Bowden, the development was completed in December 2017 and consists of 8 terraces and 4 mews apartments. The design works with local heritage helping to maintain and build local character and place identity.

It was the first residential project in Australia to be awarded 6 Green Stars ‘As Built’ in its category by the Green Building Council of Australia. Its carbon footprint is reduced by more than 50 per cent when compared to a standard house and is predicted to use 50 per cent less energy and 50 per cent less potable water than a typical urban townhouse. The Mews apartments to the rear were also constructed of recycled bricks.

To add to these qualities, The Prince’s Terrace Adelaide is now home to 12 Australian Defence Force families and has so far been the winner of seven design and sustainability awards, including:

  • Excellence in Sustainability Award 2018 - The Urban Developer Awards
  • Townhouse/Villa Development of the Year - 2018 HIA Australian GreenSmart Awards
  • Townhouse/Villa Development of the Year - 2018 HIA-CSR South Australian Housing Awards
  • Green Building of the Year - 2018 Architecture and Design Sustainability Awards
  • Multiple Dwelling - 2018 Architecture and Design Sustainability Awards
  • Environment Excellence - 2018 UDIA South Australia Awards for Excellence
  • Small-Scale Development (Residential) - 2018 UDIA South Australia Awards for Excellence

Video: The Prince's Terraces, Adelaide

INTBAU Australia

Working closely alongside the Prince’s Trust Australia in the delivery of educational engagements, research and training programs, INTBAU Australia is the Australian chapter of the International Network for Traditional Building, Architecture and Urbanism, which seeks to research, educate, and engage people on the value and relevance of traditional architecture and urban design in creating sustainable communities.

Australia has a unique and diverse architectural and building tradition that is both adapted to its climatic conditions and centrally important to the character and identity of our communities. Through working with INTBAU Australia, the Prince’s Trust Australia is preserving and continuing this sustainable legacy through training, education and thought leadership.

INTBAU is a unique resource for global knowledge of traditional architecture and urban design, whose network consists of individuals and institutions who design, make, maintain, study, or enjoy traditional buildings and places.

If you are interested in joining a network dedicated to traditional building, architecture or urbanism in Australia, membership is free! Join here.

INTBAU Australia FINAL 2

Prince’s Foundation Summer School

In collaboration with The Prince’s Foundation, The Prince’s Trust Australia recently awarded two bursaries for Australian participants to attend The Prince’s Foundation Summer school held in London and Dumfries House, Scotland.

The Summer School enables students to develop their knowledge of traditional architecture, design, building, conservation and sustainability, and is among the few international institutions dedicated to teaching such knowledge.

Alexander Dowthwaite was one of the Australian bursary recipients; Read his story here

a 1

Australian student Alexander Dowthwaite sketching at the Princes Foundation Summer School

Tradition plays an important role in developing and maintaining local character

Local character plays a critical role in the way we develop our built environment, manage our heritage and shape our communities. Local character also influences our experience of a place. It creates place identity and familiarity but also diversity between our neighbourhoods, towns and cities.

Prince’s Trust Australia’s Director for Sustainable Communities, Justin Hewitt, recently contributed an article to the NSW Department of Planning and Environment E-Book ‘Local Character and Place Collection’, to read this and other great articles please click the link below.

local 2

Battery Point, Tasmania

Reef Champion Awards

Prince’s Trust Australia collaborates with the Queensland Farmers Federation and Reef Alliance in the annual Reef Champion Awards. The awards recognise and celebrate the achievements and efforts of outstanding individuals and organisations who have taken action to improve the quality of water entering the Great Barrier Reef. Each year, Prince’s Trust Australia award The Prince of Wales Environment Leadership - Reef Sustainability Award


Lenny Parisi, Winner of the Reef Champion Awards 2019