Prince's Quarter Glebe

The Prince's Quarter, Glebe NSW

The Prince’s Quarter in Glebe, Sydney is the result of a partnership between Prince’s Trust Australia and the New South Wales Government.

Comprising upwards of 75 new social apartments and terrace houses, the Prince’s Quarter is a deliberate response to the need to do density well by ensuring new development fits in with the existing character of established neighbourhoods.

Drawing on expertise that has been built up over decades of work by the Prince’s Foundation and the Duchy of Cornwall projects in the UK at Poundbury and Nansledan, the new development will include two eight-storey brick “woolstore” style apartments and five terrace houses inspired by the local Glebe vernacular.

The new development aligns with the NSW Government's ‘Local Character and Place Guidelines’ and ‘Better Placed’ design policy, and will achieve high sustainability standards as well as providing for additional green space and shared residential rooftop urban gardens.

Through community and stakeholder engagement, the Prince’s Quarter seeks to build a stronger community in Glebe that integrates social housing in an inclusive and equitable way, and contributes positively to its established local context and identity.

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