Sustainable Urbanism Roadshow Series

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Prince’s Trust Australia is excited to announce the ‘Sustainable Urbanism Roadshow’. 

A presentation and panel discussion series to be held across Australia aimed at discussing the importance of sustainable urbanism and place-making in managing our built environment.   

In Australia, the impact of an increasing population and increasing climate change events raises challenges for everyone’s future, and means that getting it right is a responsibility we must all share.

PTA is committed to sustainable urbanism and place making with new exemplar developments and providing a leadership voice through professional development. We aim to inspire design and trade professionals, developers and governments to be leaders in creating sustainable communities that will address the needs of our growing population and environmental impact.

Roadshow events

Each ‘Sustainable Urbanism Roadshow’ event will showcase successful development projects from Australia and the United Kingdom, including the ‘Prince’s Terrace Adelaide’, followed by a panel discussion with local industry professionals. Each event will be an ideal networking opportunity and we encourage students, industry professionals and the general public to attend!

Upcoming events:

Brisbane August 2019

Perth September 2019

Hobart October 2019

Canberra November 2019

Ballarat/Melbourne February 2020

Wagga Wagga/Sydney March 2020

Email us to register your interest.