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The Built Environment

House with tree and bush on side (The PrinceThe Build Environment (The Prince

THE PRINCE’S Terrace Adelaide

Working in partnership with Defence Housing Australia, SA Renewal and Palumbo Builders, P.T.A. have developed Australia’s first six-star green star rated residential building in Bowden, South Australia. The Princes Terrace Adelaide merges good design with sustainable building practices, all the while proving its commercial viability and preserving our traditional influence and heritage. The Terrace is due for completion in November 2017.

Defence Housing Australia (D.H.A), SA Renewal have developed The Prince’s Terrace Adelaide – Australia’s first six-star green star rating for a residential development.The joint venture, facilitated by The Prince’s Trust Australia, will help locals live better at a community level and deal with the broader global challenges of urbanisation and climate change, whilst preserving our traditional influence and heritage.


Located in the Bowden urban renewal precinct, the eight-house Terrace and four mews apartments emphasize local, low-carbon materials, including local concrete made with fly ash, local granite and bricks re-used from old Bowden industrial buildings.


The Terrace also features:


→ Precision structural orientation to minimise summer solar gain and maximise natural cross ventilation

→ A facade designed to maximise daylight access and views while managing glare

→ Small and high efficiency air conditioning systems coupled with ceiling fans to equip residents for peak summer temperatures

→ LED lighting and photovoltaic solar panels generating renewable energy to reduce the building’s peak power demand

→ High efficiency water fittings, with toilets and laundry fittings supplied with 100 per cent recycled water.


Residents are expected to use 50 percent less energy and potable water when compared to a typical house. Carbon emissions are also expected to be 40 per cent less.


During the 2015 Royal Tour, His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales visited the development site in Bowden, turning the first sod.
The Adelaide demonstration build supports knowledge transfer and will also provide:


→ Training and education on sustainable building practices

→ Materials and workshops to equip professionals, graduates, students and others with the skills they need to design, build and preserve sustainable environments

→ Further focus on sustainability, traditional architecture and urbanism, building skills and aesthetics.