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The Prince's Terrace Adelaide - Prince's Trust Australia
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The Prince’s Terrace Adelaide


We are pleased to announce that the Prince’s Terrace Adelaide is full steam ahead, scheduled for a mid-November completion.


P.C.A. is grateful for the ongoing support of Defence Housing Australia, Renewal SA and the work carried out by Palumbo Builders and Dsquared to ensure the build meets the stringent and extensive requirements to become Australia’s first 6-star green star residential development.

We have had great interest from the local community and are looking forward to hosting a workshop to share the expert knowledge from our partners later this year.


When interviewed regarding the building methodology Mr. Palumbo from Palumbo Builders said “The apartments are being fitted with roof ventilators, wall grills and ceiling fans to reduce air conditioner and heater use. The core filling [of the walls] to get the environmental ratings that we wanted has fire ash and slag mixed into the concrete. We have double-glazed windows, sustainably sourced timber, locally sourced steel, water-efficient fixtures, and environmentally friendly plasterboard, carpets, doors and hardware.”

Whilst Mr, Tucker from Defence Housing Australia said “Absolutely everything that has gone into the build is not the norm of what goes into a normal house. The steel and the concrete is recycled 100 per cent, overall we have been recycling [waste] at about 97 per cent. This is a project we have undertaken as a demonstration so that we can learn how we can do things better in our future developments.”


We eagerly await the completion of the building in November and we will keep you informed as to the progress regarding the upcoming workshop.