Imagine the response if we stopped asking young people what they want to be when they grow up, and started asking what they value, what they enjoy, and what they’re good at?

And what if we supported them through an engaging, individualised process that explores these questions while developing enterprise skills and exploring a range of potential career pathways through social action?

Following the success of our first Achieve Fest in June, we're delighted to offer a second Achieve Fest this September.

Achieve Fest is a free, two-day online immersion designed to explore identity, build networks, and develop the skills needed to thrive now and into the future.

Held on 9 & 10 September from 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. AEST, Achieve Fest is open to:

  • Young people aged 12 to 24 years
  • Educators
  • Parents/guardians across Australia

What's it all about?

It’s pretty clear that we are entering a time of great economic, social, and environmental change. Research tells us that as we shift into the fourth industrial revolution, young people will need to develop new mindsets, skills, and capabilities to thrive in a rapidly changing world of work.

We know that many young people feel underprepared to transition from school and to make informed career decisions. We know educators have a desire to innovate but often feel hamstrung by systemic pressures and workload. We know parents are concerned their children won’t be able to successfully transition from education to employment.

Clearly, there is a strong case for change, but where do we begin?

In collaboration with workplace learning specialists and in co-design with teachers, students and thought leaders, Prince’s Trust Australia has created Achieve, an inquiry-based framework that engages young people in learning through careers education and enterprise skills development.

Feedback from our community

Caleb Maru

"Achieve Fest was a fun and impactful three days. Not often do you learn about how to turn your interests and values into a meaningful career and life path. At Achieve Fest we got insights and knowledge which inspired us to create our own path, and tools to get started and guide us along the way. Most impactful was the way that Achieve Fest framed meaningful work. After taking part in Achieve Fest with my siblings, we had a really productive family conversation with our parents about what's most important in choosing a career. It was nice to see our family' perspectives shift from the importance of a good salary and job security to the importance of values and enjoyment in the work we do."

 - Caleb | Student

"A wonderful opportunity for students to explore their thoughts and ideas collaboratively with teachers, mentors, and experts. AchieveOnline provided facilitation for school groups and individuals to explore and understand their strengths,  attributes, and entrepreneurial skills.  The Achieve Framework provided an engaging way for students to connect with expert advice in order to learn and more importantly apply a variety of entrepreneurial skills that will help them in all aspects of their lives."

- George | Educator

George Georgiadis
Janine MEadley

"Achieve Fest was a brilliant opportunity to learn alongside kids and adults and hear from some fantastic humans about their career journeys. I really enjoyed the top-notch facilitation and mix of activities. The Achieve program is a terrific result. Having been involved in the early workshop, it was great to see it come to life. I've no doubt that Australia's young people will find Achieve a powerful way to bring their dreams to life; learning essential life skills and finding out more about who they are."

 - Janine | Cool Australia