Data Decisions

Data Decisions: Embedding wellbeing science in schools

Data Decisions2020 is a scenario-based workshop delivered online and led by young people that will activate decision-making skills and support students to: design ethical decisions, responses and strategies based on data provided throughout the day.  

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Using big data insights, statistical analysis, and best practice program design, Prince’s Trust Australia and Resilient Youth have paired up to bring youData Decisions, a groundbreaking initiative that positions young people as experts to create solutions to the most pressing challenges that they are facing.  

Research tells us that bullying is a major concern for many young Australians. We know that social media and the increasing use of smartphones have contributed to anxiety and experiences of bullying on a 24-hour cycle, especially for students in Years 8 and 9.  The reality is that most young people are either doing, seeing, or experiencing bullying. 

Data Decisions brings together students from across Australia that are not in formalised leadership positions – this is a chance for young people who may not have a voice to be heard.  

Event Details

  • Date: Thursday December 3rd | 10:00AM – 2:00PM 
  • Delivered online by Prince’s Trust Australia and Resilient Youth  
  • The program schedule and session overview information  can be found here
  • Limited to 10 schools, up to 5 students from each school  
  • All resources and materials will be provided  

Teachers will benefit from: 

  • Building ethical capabilities of students 
  • Understand how data and surveys are used by partners to build skills and capabilities 
  • Provide an opportunity for underrepresented students to be heard and design solutions to challenges that impact them. 

Students will benefit from: 

  • Shared connections and experiences with young people from other schools 
  • Gain an understanding and trust in the process and decision making 
  • Potential to influence their peers 
  • Safe and supportive space to explore solutions 
  • Certificate of participation  

In order to participate, schools must be able to:  

  • Nominate a point of contact to liaise with PTA prior to the workshop 
  • Organise a supervising teacher to accompany students during the workshop (This can be the same as the point of contact) 
  • Organise a physical space for students to participate in the workshop 
  • Arrange for a teacher to support students and actively participate during the workshop 
  • Select appropriate students that will benefit from participating in this workshop 
  • Organise any required parental consent or permission forms for students to attend 

Spots are limited so if you are interested in taking part in this exciting initiative, click here to registeryour interest  NOW! 

Please be aware this workshop is limited to 10 schools and we will place you on a waitlist if you are interested in participating in future Data Decisions workshops.