Launch of Achieve



20 November 2019




A locally developed version of the widely implemented and successful UK model of The Prince’s Trust Achieve pilot was launched this month at Croydon Community School, a small Victorian secondary school that focuses on re-engaging children who have not had learning success, or a sense of connectedness to mainstream schools for a range of reasons.

Developed with training specialists following extensive workshops with teachers, students and education experts, Achieve addresses specific areas of learning which may be contributing to young people feeling underprepared for our rapidly changing world of work, said Christopher John, Chief Executive of The Prince’s Trust Australia.

Achieve focuses on supporting young people with enterprise skills, career training and capabilities to transform their lives. We launched this week with 15 students who are struggling with their education, to re-engage with learning.

“It encourages lifelong learning in young people, without additional workload pressures on teachers. It can be adapted to any school and is designed to fit within existing frameworks and campaigns, to enable and amplify these efforts.”

Dean Delia, Director of Young People for Prince’s Trust Australia, delivered the first module, Who I Am, a foundation block aimed at sparking ideas about the current and future ‘You’.

“The next stage is an ever-evolving set of ‘Twenties’ – 20-minute micro-learnings that grow in complexity, challenge and catalogue,” he said. “These cover essential life skills such as avoiding identity fraud, successfully resolving complaints and how to collect 100 ID points for passports and bank accounts.

“Our research has shown that feeling underprepared to transition into the world of work is impacting the mental health of many young people, who feel they don’t have the skills needed for the future, as well as a lack of adequate career advice. We have also found that teachers want to innovate but often feel hamstrung by systemic pressures and workload.

“We’ve designed a range of activities that young people feel engaged in. The greatest benefit is building a heightened sense of achievement while developing capabilities in a short timeframe, with this momentum continuing to develop as they progress through new ‘Twenties’ sets.

“Our three year strategy sees us working with teachers to deliver Achieve in other metropolitan and regional areas of Victoria, and eventually other parts of Australia, to support 4,000 young people.”

Bernadette Bowling, Principal of Croydon Community School, said the school works towards state government targets by privileging the needs, interests and passions of each individual young learner. “We provide students with an alternative to mainstream secondary education,” said Mrs Bowling.

“As each student has different learning and different wellbeing needs, the flexibility and adaptability of Achieve to address these challenges will build their confidence and really practical life skills, while respecting our motto of ‘one student at a time in a community of learners.”

Chelsea Stait, Leading Teacher at the school’s Bayswater Campus said, “We are hopeful that students who undertake this Achieve pilot will flourish as their confidence grows and they continue more purposefully on their learning journey throughout secondary school, knowing there are several possible career pathways for them to explore.”

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