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Mary & Noire Bird Studio

Mary Kingsford
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Turning passion into a creative business

Mary Kingsford is the Founder of NoireBird Studio, a milliner creating hand-made, bespoke headwear for women.

Mary is passionate about helping women by creating unique headwear for the big occasions in their lives and has a keen interest in bringing textile art into residences and workplaces.

In response to COVID-19, Mary is exploring online courses for textile art. You can find out more by visiting her Facebook Page.

Mary Kingsford

Mary Kingsford

Mary’s passion for the arts developed from an early age. Her creative talents include painting, sewing, and textiles. Mary’s fascination for different cultures, techniques and materials ensured her successful candidature and completion of a Fine Arts and Visual Culture Degree at Curtin University, Western Australia.

Now based in Canberra, Mary continues to develop her love of art through the practice of Millinery. She has studied through the Hat Academy and under Milliners - Rose Organ and Neil Grigg.

Mary has a studio to showcase her works and headpieces at the Gorman House Arts Centre in Canberra. Each headpiece is meticulously designed and handmade made using traditional millinery techniques and the fusion of modern and conventional materials. Each is a unique wearable piece of art.