Rob White: From ADF Navy Officer to Photographer


Rob White: From ADF Navy Officer to Photographer

Rob White's parents gave him his first camera when he was about seven years old and he really discovered his love for photography through high school spending many hours shooting and then developing his images in the darkroom.

After moving from film cameras to digital photography in his early twenties, Rob decided to pursue his passion for photography after serving as an Officer in the Royal Australian Navy.

Rob is now based in Sydney, Australia, having lived in many parts of the country from Darwin to Melbourne. Passionate about travel and shooting unique landscapes and situations, he's also an avid motorcycle enthusiast and loves shooting motorsports.

Like numerous businesses across Australia, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant effect on photographer Rob's ability to work.

Or at least, that's what he thought.

Rob White - Photographer

"To me, I was a ship driver who would position a ship to send a missile over the horizon.

That's not something that's looked for in the civilian world so the work with the Prince's Trust really helped me look at the skills that I had in a new way."

Rob completed a Diploma of Photo Imaging at Billy Blue College of Design in Ultimo Sydney where he studied documentary, commercial and domestic photographic styles. He was also a top 10 finalist in the Frame + Work Competition T1 2019 at Billy Blue College of Design.

Rob is now developing a new offering through his business, Rob White Photography, that will offer tours to people who are keen to explore Australia with an experienced photographer as their host.

In this podcast, Rob White talks about why he sees the COVID-19 pandemic as a 'blessing' and how joining the Enterprise program offered by The Prince's Trust helped give him the confidence to turn his passion into a business.

Rob - River Dancer
Rob - Outback Plane