Climate Action through Education: Partnering with Tim Jarvis AM and The Forktree Project

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18 December 2020

Prince’s Trust Australia is pleased to announce a collaboration with the Forktree Project to support positive action against climate change through education.

The Forktree Project aims to help combat the twin threats of biodiversity loss and climate change by rewilding a former pastoral property in South Australia’s Fleurieu Peninsula, creating valuable habitat for native flora and fauna, as well as sequestering tens of thousands of tonnes of CO2 over the life of the project.

Inspired by the work and values of His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, Prince’s Trust Australia is a national charity committed to supporting the development of young people and helping communities create a sustainable future for all Australians.

The Forktree Project and Prince’s Trust Australia will work together to develop education programs for young people and the broader community about the importance of environmental stewardship, both through the provision of formal educational content as well as the modeling of sustainable practices.

Tim Jarvis AM, environmental scientist and Founder of the Forktree Project remarks:

“Projects like Forktree that return land back to nature are critical, given the high rates of species loss we are experiencing in Australia and the fact that we live in the most climate-exposed developed country in the world. There’s never been a more important time”.

Justin Hewitt, Executive Director and Director of Sustainable Communities at Prince’s Trust Australia says:

“Prince’s Trust Australia is proud to be working with acclaimed environmental scientist Tim Jarvis AM to support the Forktree Project by providing young people and communities with the knowledge they need to help create a more sustainable future”.

Prince’s Trust Australia and the Forktree Project will work together from 2021.

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Media Enquiries:

For more details, please contact Elizabeth Blumer, Education Director, the Forktree Project.


Or Justin Hewitt, Executive Director, Prince’s Trust Australia.


About Prince’s Trust Australia:

Prince’s Trust Australia is part of The Prince’s Trust Group, a global network of charities founded by His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales. Prince’s Trust Australia is an innovative national charity that helps young people to overcome barriers to achieve their full potential, provides free entrepreneurship programs for veterans and their families, and helps build resilient, sustainable communities.

The Prince’s Trust Group also includes work carried out by The Prince’s Trust in New Zealand, Canada, the United Kingdom and a range of other countries through The Prince’s Trust International. This global network provides meaningful support to young people, Indigenous communities, military veterans and environmental projects.


About the Forktree Project:

The Forktree Project involves returning a degraded 133-acre (53Ha) former pastoral property in South Australia’s Fleurieu Peninsula back to nature. This involves re-establishing tens of thousands of native trees and shrubs on the property, which will, in turn, bring back native animals, insects, and birds as well as sequestering tens of thousands of tonnes of carbon.

Other than these direct benefits, Forktree also encourages sustainable practices by acting as an educational resource for a range of stakeholders including young people, students, landowners and the corporate sector and is trialing better methodologies for calculating carbon offsets for small/medium-sized rural properties.

The key objectives of the Forktree Project are to:

  • Provide habitat for native species and help combat climate change through rewilding.
  • Improve access to carbon funding for small-medium sized landholders by trialing more efficient, cost-effective techniques for working out above and below ground carbon.
  • Establishing a seed nursery to grow native plants and trees, in particular those impacted in the 2019/20 Australian bushfires.
  • Be an educational resource to encourage both sustainable practices and land regeneration.